10 Interesting Facts About Marijuana That You Probably Never Knew

interesting facts about marijuana

Puff. Puff. Pass.

Marijuana etiquette is alive and well today. As more states continue to legalize adult-use of marijuana, the general population is learning more and more about its uses. The widespread use of marijuana also is piquing many people’s curiosity.

So, naturally, interesting facts about marijuana are emerging.

No longer is using marijuana taboo. It is also becoming less associated with criminals and hippies. Using marijuana is slowly becoming a part of the normal culture.

This movement is leading average Joe’s to question, “should I try it?” Without the stigma and threat of jail time, people are opening their minds to marijuana and its benefits.

Curious to learn more interesting facts about marijuana? Read on to find out more and to expand your marijuana knowledge.

10 Interesting Facts About Marijuana That Will Impress Your Friends

Marijuana is a close relative to the Hemp Plant. What distinguishes marijuana from the hemp plant is the THC compound. This compound produces the psychoactive effect often associated with the giggles and an insatiable appetite.

But not everyone reacts to marijuana the same. Explore the following interesting facts about marijuana to learn more about its history and uses.

1. Gender Differences

A study of rats found that females react differently to THC than males. The females who were exposed to THC had a higher tolerance. They also found that female rats were more sensitive to the effects of THC.

Researchers also discovered the female rats were most sensitive to THC during ovulation. They speculate this is because of high levels of estrogen.

Ironically, women are excluded from marijuana studies because of their fluctuating hormones.

Studies about men conclude that they are more likely to get the “munchies.”

2. Hollywood or Hollyweed?

Hollywood has been renamed twice. Well, not legally. But both times its name changed to “Hollyweed.”

Some pranksters achieved the name change using the famous Hollywood sign. Using tarps, they changed the “o’s” to “e’s.” The first time this occurred was in 1976 and the last time was in 2017.

Very clever, “inweed”.

3. Truth Serum

Everything is good in moderation, right? Well, for some World War II prisoners, even a little marijuana could get them talking. Marijuana was given to prisoners as a tactic for provoking them to tell the truth.

The agency which eventually formed into the CIA provided detainees with cigarettes laced with marijuana. This agency also experimented with other drugs during WWII to determine which drugs were effective “truth serums.”

4. Weed and Juliet

“O Weed, Weed, wherefore art thou Weed?” If only Shakespeare’s classic was written this way.

Many people speculate that Shakespeare wrote some of his most famous pieces while under the influence of marijuana. The evidence supporting this conclusion are pipes found in his garden containing cannabis and the mention of weed in one of his sonnets.

5. Help with PTSD

Veterans returning from combat and everyday civilians can suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. PTSD is an anxiety disorder that can cause flashbacks, panic attacks, and nightmares. It can seriously diminish one’s quality of life, but marijuana has helped some to deal with the symptoms.

Marijuana can disturb the sleep cycle in which serious nightmares occur. It decreases the instances of serious nightmares allowing PTSD sufferers to get more and better quality sleep.

Marijuana also helps to control the system responsible for producing fear and anxiety. PTSD is the number reason people with PTSD in New Mexico seek a medical marijuana license.

6. Improved Lung Function

It’s logical to assume that smoking anything inhibits lung function. But, the opposite is true for marijuana according to a study published in 2012.

This study found that smoking marijuana could not only improve lung function but also reverse the effects of smoking tobacco. It also increased the participants’ lung capacity. Researchers believe this is because of the way marijuana is smoked instead of any chemical present in the drug.

7. Cancer Reduction

“Stop! In the name of love!”

Like Diana Ross calling out to her lover, CBD present in marijuana and the hemp plant stopped the spread of cancer. It achieved this by shutting off the gene Id-1.

Marijuana proved to also slow down the growth of tumors in the brain, lungs, and breasts.

8. Heart Problems? Beware

As effective as marijuana is for many health conditions, it isn’t useful for heart problems. Marijuana can speed up your heart rate and increase your blood pressure. This puts additional strain on your heart making it a bad choice for people with heart conditions.

9. Name That Pot!

Ever wonder how strains of pot are named? Is there a magical formula that dictates the latest and greatest high?

According to marijuana seed producers, there is no magical formula. Instead, the strains are created then smoked. A name brainstorming session then takes place while the pot is being smoked provoking some intriguing names.

Names like “Maui Waui” from Hawaii and “Purple Haze” are typically inspired by experiencing the drug firsthand.

10. When in Rome

Italy is a historically rich country with many tourist attractions and monuments. But, did you know that traces of marijuana and other drugs were discovered in the air?

Although traces of marijuana can be found in the air, you won’t get a contact high. These findings, however, do help researchers to know where different drug use is occurring and how much.

Enjoy These Interesting Facts About Marijuana?: How to Find a Dispensary

These interesting facts about marijuana will help you to get the conversation going at your next party. But, you can’t have a party without first finding a dispensary. For starters, marijuana needs to be legal in your state.

If your medical marijuana is legal in your state, then you must have the proper documentation. This can include a referral from your doctor, a state ID, and a completed application.

If you live in a state that’s legalized adult-use, then all you need to do is conduct a Google Search. Make note of the reviews of each dispensary to find the best product.

Speak with the dispensary owner or workers directly to determine which strain and product are right for you. For example, you can purchase marijuana products in a cookie, gummy bear, or smoking forms.

Interested in finding a dispensary? Contact us today to learn more about our products and to learn how to reach our dispensary.