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About Us

About Us


At Laughing Grass, we want to elevate the cannabis industry standard by providing premium products, friendly service, and a fun environment. The friendly and experienced budtenders at our business make it a great place for both novice and seasoned cannabis consumers.

Laughing Grass’s creator and CEO, Corey Rosen, has been deeply invested in the cannabis industry for the past fifteen years. He has seen the positive effects of cannabis firsthand and takes pleasure in imparting the wisdom he has gained to his employees and clients. This becomes one of the integral reasons why we love what we do because we know how it helps you. With all the new advances in the cannabis industry for both its medicinal and recreational use, we try to bring in newer products like laughing grass and help you find the ones that suit you best. We exclusively buy from the most reliable Colorado dispensaries, where you may find various strains with 20% THC or more.

Give us a visit or leave a message online to find out your new niche and become a part of our growing community. 

We support cannabis for everyone who wants it. Additionally, this little plant can enhance health in a variety of ways, depending on one’s lifestyle and current state of health. That’s why it’s so important to us that every visit to a Laughing Grass store leaves you feeling at ease and well-informed. Laughing Grass runs a cutting-edge cultivation and manufacturing facility, and the company is committed to carefully curating its selection of strains so that it can provide not just the most popular but also the rarest and most sought-after varieties to its customers. We have everything that a stoner could possibly want, including cannabis, blunts, pipes, vaporizers, dab gadgets, grinders, and many more. There is nothing that can compare to the experience of exploring our lovely glassware in person. What’s even better? Our mission is to offer the most affordable prices on all smoking materials and cannabis available within the local market.


We are aiming to decrease the stigma associated with cannabis by implementing a wide range of actions, including being socially responsible, imaginative, educational, and customer-centric. Additionally, we are working to promote awareness about cannabis and rewrite the narrative around it. We provide our customers with high-quality cannabis items and accessories, and our budtenders are more than willing to educate them about the plant and its myriad of applications. Because we offer a superior level of service, we stand out from everyone else operating within the cannabis industry’s regulatory framework.

With the assistance of our specialized menus, a vast assortment of accessories, and the knowledgeable guidance of our budtenders, you will be able to choose the cannabis products that are the most suitable for your way of life. The appearance of our business is up to date and spotless, the atmosphere is inviting, and the level of care that we provide to our clients is unparalleled.


When you visit our dispensary, you will have the opportunity to engage in a one-on-one consultation with one of our experienced budtenders if you so want. Our budtenders go through rigorous training before they even step foot in the shop, and they continue to build upon and enhance their core understanding of cannabis through regular education and training. We are convinced that we will become fast friends because of the combined knowledge of our Budtenders and the kind and helpful service they provide. By taking a more active role in the Laughing Grass community, you may assist us in creating waves in the consciousness of the general public.


We wish to set standards that promote inclusiveness, cooperation, ongoing education, and the success of the enterprise over the long run. By collaborating with and recruiting employees from a wide set of people that are reflective of the cannabis business and the communities we serve, we hope to lessen the stigma that is attached to cannabis. This is something that is very important to us.

We will continue to educate ourselves, be open to new experiences, and look for more effective ways to meet the needs of our customers.

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