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Go through our featured products for the day and discounted options to kickstart the high life now! We curate the perfect bundles with the right products to provide an overall perfect experience for you with our premium products. All of the options we provide are chosen for their quality and how they have shifted the cannabis world with their versatility in terms of consuming them. You can choose between different flowers that you can inhale to tincture or lotions that help you consume without smoking it. 

Take a look through our sales and special discounts that go up everyday and find what treats you best.

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Deal #1

All Ounces $150 OTD

Deal #2

8 Grams of Green Dot Live for $200 OTD


Deal #3

Popcorn Ounce $100 OTD

Deal #4

8 Grams of Mix and Match Concentrates $120 OTD


Deal #5

Daily Happy Hour 10 -11 AM. 10% Off ANYTHING not previously discounted

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Deal #6

For the season of Summer all drinks buy one drink get one for %50 off